​Ballet classes are offered from Mummy & Me Ballet  (16 months of age), all the way through to Advanced 2 level, training classical ballet through the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. The Studio offers students the opportunity to take classes just for enjoyment or the opportunity to take their training more serioulsy. Ballet exams are offered from Grade 1 Level (approximately 7 years old). Children wishing to do ballet exams need to take 2 classical ballet classes per week. Ballet can help children to develop co-ordination, improve posture and also to develop a sense of musicality and rythmn. Ballet is enjoyable and also very rewarding for students, particularly promoting self-discipline and self-confidence.




* Please note students must take a minimum of 1 ballet class per week in order to enrol in contemporary for our Bunbury, Australind & Capel branches.


Contemporary is an expressive style of dance that encourages dancers to move fluidly in alternative styles of movement. Contemporary draws elements of movement & methods from different dance styles such as modern, lyrical and classical ballet.

There are currently 6 levels of contemporary offered at the studio ranging from Junior - Senior Contemporary.

Students can commence contemporary lessons when they are in Primary Ballet (approximately 6 years old).



Conditioning is offered to students from Grade 2 ballet and above. Conditioning helps to train fitness, strength and flexibility and is a fantastic addition to the dancer's training. Conditioning is compulsory for students wishing to take ballet exams and for students wishing to do solos/duos/trios at competitions.



Pointe lessons commence at approximately age 12 for dancers. Dancers wishing to begin pointe training must be taking a minimum of 2 ballet classes per week to ensure they are strong enough for the demands of pointe work.

Adult Ballet

Adult Ballet is for anyone 18+ and we encourage all levels of ability, experience or inexperience to give this class a go. Great for some exercise and a bit of fun. Challenge yourself in 2020 and give ballet a go!

Teen Ballet

Teen Ballet is suitable for anyone in their teenage years who wishes to take more casual ballet lessons focused on fun and fitness. Great for anyone wanting to either start ballet at a later age, or maybe those wanting to cut back during years 11 and 12. Students are required to wear a leotard, ballet skirt and ballet shoes.